Help our Council to change

The Council’s Redesign Board believes everyone can have new ideas for doing things better.  We seek your views on how to adapt to the changing needs in our communities and to do this with less public funding.  We are open to new ideas and especially when they challenge us. Redesign will mean being more efficient, more commercially minded, listening locally and freeing up staff to be bold and imaginative to find new ways of running services locally by working with communities and other public bodies.  We need to help people to help each other and take special care of people and places that need the most support.


The Board sees staff as experts in their own fields of service and as valuable sources of information and ideas when considering change and new ways of delivering those services. It recognises too that staff are also service users.  Initially we are seeking your views on how we can run business more efficiently and more commercially.  

  • A More Commercial Council

    Thank you for your ideas. This challenge has now closed and we are looking at which ideas we can take forward. If you have any other comments to share you can email We will be posting new challenges soon.

  • There are no current challenges